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Re: Many, many thoughts & responses re: the Hutchinson-Garcia paper

Thanks for the discussion and context.
Just three questions in advance of finding out more:  have the potential
prey animals for T. rex been checked with the same sort of models?  If it
turns out they could escape consistently, that might have implications.
Also, you've explained the large range in estimates of mass.  Because I
suspect the odds of my figuring out how to substitute into the equations is
low, I'll ask:  would a large change in the estimate of mass have a
substantial impact on the calculation?
And finally, an ambush hunter which needs a short sprint would have a
different build presumably from a chase 'em down hunter.  I expect there are
assumptions about posture and stride built into the calculations; is it
possible to draw any conclusions about the type of hunting the animal was
Thanks again for taking the time to provide necessary background.