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!RE: New Tyrannosaurus paper

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 Tracy wrote:
> Ok, he's done all that, but that doesn't mean he's understand the
> differences completely and has made the common mistake of assuming the two
> are the same, they ain't.

***** isn't it more likely that YOU're making the (un)common mistake of
thinking that he's not thought about it and has already assumed that the two
things are not the same??  mh...

> How can you compare a distal end of a femur that has a nearly right angle
> distal end with one that has a more horizontal one and say they are the
> same?

***guess we've already been told he's not said this..<<
Well, have you read the paper? I have now and he doesn't have the femur
moving past horizontal.

> So Stanford is the authority in dinosaurs? Just because he's been excepted
> their doesn't mean he's right.

**** so YOU are the  authority on dinos??<<

Actually YES! Go to my web site http://www.dinohunter.info and check my
resumae. I've done a lot of work on dinosaurs, articles, art work etc. I
write a bimonthly article for Prehistoric Times on How to Draw Dinosaurs and
I use their anatomy. I've been doing this for at least 5 years, so yea I am
an AUTHORITY on dinosaurs.

Mr. de Sosa had written:
> >>Maybe you should have waited to read it before questioning the research
> habits of people you probably don't know very well. :)<<

 Tracy's answer:
>Hmm. So I guess we can't question the papers anymore and >just take them
> their word? If this is the case maybe I should give up and go back to
> driving a fork lift?

*** I think you'd better read the paper _before_ questioning its contents;
your asumptions are kinda naive, since you're saying that a scientist has
just (in your opinion) overlooked some basilar notions about differences in
hindlimb posture and movements between chick,crocs and dinos: nobody asks
you to take the author's words without arguing against them...just read
those words before questioning them,ok?<<
Read it and guess what I was right!

Tracy L. Ford
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