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Re: On why I think that Hutchinson & Garcia *might* be correct...

>Living examples. That's the key... and it's the key we woefully lack in
Dinosaurology. Nothing like multi-tonne theropods exist today, and this
already puts you at a huge disadvantage when modeling. In fact, nothing like
dinosaurs are around today...<
Should we then stop trying? Should we shrug our shoulders, say, "Whelp,
we'll never know, so might as well not try." I, for one, say no. We'll never
know lots of things for sure. But I think that stopping because we lack a
direct parallel is bad science. We should no more stop trying to model
dinosaur locomotion (or plot sexual dimorphs, or determine if there was
group hunting in theropods, or any number of things that can never be 100%
proven) than astronomers should stop trying to model binary star systems.

> PSS. This is a question for everyone. I feel really odd not knowing how to
refer to you. Should I call you by your last names? First names? Doctor????
I just don't want to be disrespectful. :-)<
Call me Ishmael...;) Seriously, a common way to refer to people here onlist
is to use the prefix HP (honoured poster/person). HP Rowe and HP Kirkaldy
run the list (for example). If you know someone, its safe to use their first
name, I would imagine...but HP is the safest way to address someone.

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