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Re: -idae, -oidea, etc.

> <Anyhow, I was not saying that names ending in -idae should only be given
> to clades of a particular size, time-depth, whatever.  Nor was I saying
> that the sister group to an -idae clade would have to be another -idae
> clade.>
>   Ack ... nor was I. This is a purely neo-Linnaean viewpoint, not even
> held by Linné himself.

Don't know what you mean -- apart from not believing in sister groups, Linné
didn't know families, _only_ kingdoms, classes, orders, genera and species,
as evident from the full title of Systema naturae per regna tria naturae,
secundum classes, ordines, genera, species IIRC ( = ...by ?the 3 kingdoms of
nature, following classes...). Probably that's why his genera are so big.
None of his taxa end in -idae or any standardized ending.