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Re: Run Tyrannosaurus run

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002 GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> I will not give a detailed critique of Hutchinson's paper in Nature, although 
> it appears to include serious flaws that can be easily discerned, and I did 
> supply some hopefully pertinent comments for a Washington Post article on the 
> subject that ran Thurs the 28th. I will point to some relevant papers that 
> recently appeared on the issue of speed in giant dinosaurs. 


It was a six-ton meat-eater with a head the size of a steam shovel and a
mouthful of teeth six inches long, a truly fearsome beast. But the legend
of Tyrannosaurus rex rampaging along like a prehistoric SUV appears to be
incorrect. New research suggests that T. rex just didn't have the legs.
"Their anatomy says they can run," said Baltimore-based paleontologist and
artist Greg Paul. "They look like giant birds, and birds can run fast.
Elephants can't run" because "they have immobile ankles. T. rex of all
types have bird-like feet."

Paul said he is not convinced by the "incredible values" in the
Hutchinson-Garcia calculations, suggesting that anatomy is a speed
determinant, not simply body size. "This area is still very controversial
and will take a lot more work," he said.

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