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RE: Net Ethich Police ( you made a boo-boo)

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From: Erstwhile [mailto:thedigs2001@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 6:44 PM
To: Tracy L. Ford
Subject: RE: Net Ethich Police ( you made a boo-boo)

"Ok, go ahead. But not the one's we've already done or
else you'd be
the same thing I did since it was all off list."

Not if I had your permission it wouldn't. And you
obviously aren't willing to give it, which means your
claims that you are unashamed of your conduct are
plainly not credible. Face it, I've got your number
here. Once I realised how hostile and anger-driven you
are, I played a little game of rope-a-dope with you
and you got roped. We both know how it would look if
our entire exchange were posted. Nothing further you
can say can change what is now HARD EVIDENCE of your
own feelings of embarrassment if your behaviour toward
me were to be made public, EXCEPT to give me
permission to post our entire discussion. In fact, I
dare you to give it. I certainly have nothing to hide.

  8 )

Infuriating, aren't I? You shouldn't have have
insulted me for just pointing out your mistake. That
was your second mistake.

Have a nice anger-driven hostile life ... you probably
will get roped like this pretty often since you walked
right into it.

Paul Laroquod.


Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074