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Mr. Tracy L. Ford

Hi I've never posted here before but have been lurking
for years. This is off-topic but highly relevant if
you want to know what kind of person you are posting
with in the form of Mr. Tracy L. Ford.

I noticed that Mr. Ford had posted somebody's private
email even though it was specifically indicated in
this email that the writer was sending it privately
because he felt its tone was inappropriate for the
list. Anyone who has been on the net from the
beginning knows the conventions (what Mr. Ford did is
a BIG no-no), and also knows that it is the tradition
to "self-police" ... i.e. one netizen informs the
other of the infraction, hopefully avoiding personal
insults in the process. This is what I did, not only
because this has been a netizen's duty since The
Beginning, but because I felt a certain amount of
sympathy for Kris -- a relatively new poster, whose
image on this list may now be shaped by this
unintended post. Mr. Ford's reply to me was rather
impolite, and when I sent a response saying so, he
began to get abusive. Admittedly, in the ensuing
exchange, I did some posturing of my own, but I only
engaged in this once I realised how hostile this
person is, and I wanted to force his hand.

I am now posting our entire correspondence, because I
dared him to give me permission to post it and he
agreed. I am doing this specifically to publicly
embarrass Mr. Ford, in the hopes that this may serve
as a disincentive for him (or anyone else) to
privately abuse anyone via email, or to indulge his
obvious penchant for bad behaviour when he thinks no
one else is going to hear about it. So here it is --
this is a complete and accurate record of our
correspondence in its entirety, except for Mr. Ford's
use of profanity, which I have attempted to disguise
from any automatic censors by inserting a tilde (^).

-----Original Message-----
From: Erstwhile [mailto:thedigs2001@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 3:40 AM
To: dino.hunter@cox.net
Subject: you made a boo-boo

>>I'm just a lurker on the DML, but when you posted
MariusRomanus's (Kris's) private email to you publicly
on the list, you made a big mistake. He did not
"forget" to post it to the list, he specifically
mentioned in the text that he chose not to. It was not
for you to make the decision for him. This is a
serious breach of one of the most basic net rules. You
don't post private mail publicly without permission.
Maybe Kris won't mind, but that's not the point. What
you did was wrong. Hopefully, you just didn't read
carefully enough to notice that this was no omission
on his part it was intentional ...

I do enjoy reading your opinions on the DML ... thanks
for that at least.

Paul Laroquod.<<

Thanks for pointing out my mistake! What are you the
Net Ethics Police? 
Ok, I misinterpreted what he wrote, I don't need that
to be told to me. 
Next time keep that to yourself!

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074

-----Original Message-----
From: Erstwhile [mailto:thedigs2001@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 2:34 PM
To: Tracy L. Ford
Subject: Re: Net Ethich Police ( you made a boo-boo)

>>Good netizens always take it upon themselves to
out this kind of behaviour, and it has been this way
ever since the earliest days, although not everyone
does it as politely as I did. I even gave you the
benefit of the doubt, assuming in my letter that it
could have been an accident. ,<<

Yea, after a paragraph admonishing me!

>>Your reply to me
unfortunately did not meet the same standards of
diplomacy, which perhaps indicates something about you
that explains how you could be so careless in the
first place.<<

Diplomacy would have been this;
I hope you understand that what you did was
unfortunate and should not 
have been posted. I hope both you and Kris have taken
the opportunity to 
discuss this and that things have worked out between
you two.
Not 2 frigen paragraphs.

>>It is your ungracious reply to my entirely polite
notification (which even included some praise for
you), rather than your initial accident, which has now
caused my respect for you as a poster to suffer.<<

Ungracious reply? You claim to be doing this in good
intent but come 
across like a noisy busy buddy who can't keep their
mouth to themselves. You 
take it onto yourself to (I'm going to say something
the way someone else on 
list said and didn't know what the (**& they were
saying) to put your 
thoughts onto someone else and make a judgment on what
went on when you don't 
have a clue.

Paul Laroquod.

P.S. I have now seen on the list that Kris did NOT
appreciate your actions. I hope you at least have the
decency to apologise to him/her.<<

This is a matter between Kris and me and is none of
your (**& business.

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074

[ Editorial comment ... this is about the point that I
realised that this is an unreasonable person and I
decided to see just how far his abuse could go ... in
other words, I roped him  --Paul. ]

-----Original Message-----
From: Erstwhile [mailto:thedigs2001@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 4:13 PM
To: Tracy L. Ford
Subject: RE: Net Ethich Police ( you made a boo-boo)

>>Ah yes. The eternal refuge of the transgressor ...
claim that it is none of my business. <<

Well, it is none of your business whether or not Kris
and I have made 
or not. Just because I ACCENDANTLY posted it onto the
list doesn't make 
by any means your or anyone else's business.

>>You are dead wrong. As a netizen, this kind of thing
in a public
forum IS my business.<<

Oh GOD, modern technology and now everyone is a
netizen, sh^t what is 
this world coming too?

>> If you knew anything about the
net, you would know that these are the rules, and
self-policing (one citizen informing another) is also
the generally accepted way of enforcing them.<<

Ok, where can I find the RULES of the net? Is the
Government involved?
Companies? You?

>>Yourcriticism of me as a 'busybody' is
since it is in direct contradiction to the accepted
practice on the net, with which my actions are in
complete agreement.<<

You are a busy body, no one told you to write what you
did, you just 

>>I sincerely hope that one day you will discover that
protecting your 
pride with hostility is self-defeating.<<

I'm not protecting my pride you SH^T, you don't know
anything about me. 
I couldn't give a sh^t about it. I think you have no
business in what 
I've done.

>>By the way, disguising obviously intended profanity
with bleep-marks does not make such language therefore
polite or justified.<<

Ok, you b^stard, you busybody f^cking good for nothing
sh^t...Ok, I'll 

>>It seems increasingly obvious that you cannot stand
to be corrected 
and that you interpret such correction as
a personal insult even when no personal insult is
included and your 
instinct is to respond with anger.<<

Again you don't know me. I don't mind at all being
corrected or shown 
were I've gone wrong. I make corrections all the time,
especially in
paleontology. If you've ever read my articles in
Prehistoric Times 
you'll see that I do make corrections when shown when
I was wrong. It is YOU I 
find offensive and YOU that I am quick to anger about
when what you did was
totally unnecessary.

>>If you compare our two correspondances you will see
that yours are 
full of hostility whereas mine contain
absolutely none. All of the vitriol and anger are on
your side, and yet 
... you are the one who crossed the initial line. You
are very lucky that
I am not like you or else I would post
our entire exchange on the list, and it would reflect
very poorly on 
you regardless of your long posting history. <<

Again, what I did was an accident and
misinterpretation on my part, you

>>If the ideaof such a thing embarrasses you, then it
should be obvious 
to you that you have behaved badly and continue to do

I'm not embarrassed at all.

>>Go ahead and send me some more insults and personal
attacks. Go nuts, 
get it all out, maybe you'll feel
better but it won't make your actions any more valid,
it won't make my
correction any less valid, and there
will be no further response from me.<<

Really, is that a promise?

>> I have done my duty in correcting you and in
explaining why your
responses have been inappropriate, but your
unwillingness to accept any responsibility and rather
to try to invent 
some transgression on my part, are
starting to make you look suspiciously like a waste of
time. Let the 
next netizen you offend continue this argument.<<

Yea, another busy body, great, thanks that's all I
need. I hope your
correction to me has boosted your ego and self worth.
You remind me of 
the kid in class that will correct all the other kids
because it make him 
feel big about himself, keep your nose out from me.

>>Paul Laroquod.<<

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074

-----Original Message-----
From: Erstwhile [mailto:thedigs2001@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 6:14 PM
To: Tracy L. Ford
Subject: RE: Net Ethich Police ( you made a boo-boo)

>>I'm not embarrassed at all.<<

Oh well in that case I hereby relinquish any claim to
privacy of this communication ... you are free to post
it anywhere.

Do I have your permission to do the same?

I am calling your bluff, sir. Now ante up or shut up.

Paul Laroquod.

From: Tracy L. Ford
To: Erstwhile
Subject: RE: Net Ethich Police ( you made a boo-boo)

>>Oh well in that case I hereby relinquish any claim
privacy of this communication ... you are free to post
it anywhere.<<

Why would I want to let anyone know how your really

>>Do I have your permission to do the same? I am
calling your bluff, sir.
Now ante up or shut up.<<

Ok, go ahead. But not the one's we've already done or
else you'd be 
doing the same thing I did since it was all off list.
That and all the others 
I've had with just Kris are no one else's business. If
I were the kind of 
person you CALIM I am I would have posted all this on
the list, but I'm not.

>>Paul Laroquod.<<

I knew it I knew it, you just couldn't not reply and
you said you 

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074

-----Original Message-----
From: Erstwhile [mailto:thedigs2001@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 6:44 PM
To: Tracy L. Ford
Subject: RE: Net Ethich Police ( you made a boo-boo)

>>"Ok, go ahead. But not the one's we've already done
else you'd be doing the same thing I did since it was
all off list."
Not if I had your permission it wouldn't. And you
obviously aren't willing to give it, which means your
claims that you are unashamed of your conduct are
plainly not credible. Face it, I've got your number
here. Once I realised how hostile and anger-driven you
are, I played a little game of rope-a-dope with you
and you got roped. We both know how it would look if
our entire exchange were posted. Nothing further you
can say can change what is now HARD EVIDENCE of your
own feelings of embarrassment if your behaviour toward
me were to be made public, EXCEPT to give me
permission to post our entire discussion. In fact, I
dare you to give it. I certainly have nothing to hide.

  8 )

Infuriating, aren't I? You shouldn't have
insulted me just for pointing out your mistake. That
was your second mistake.

Have a nice anger-driven hostile life ... you probably
will get roped like this pretty often since you walked
right into it.

Paul Laroquod.<<


Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074

[ Mr. Ford's answer, if the poker analogy is to be
extended, would indicate that he agreed to have all of
this posted publicly. But much as I was itching to
expose this guy right away, I obviously take
netiquette very seriously, so I wanted to make sure of
it, especially in light of the fact that Mr. Ford's
communication (in casual email at least I am
expressing no opinion as to his professional writing)
has not been a model of clarity ('keep your nose out
from me', &c)... ]

> Called

Unless you notify me otherwise I am taking this to
mean that I have permission to post our entire

Paul Laroquod.

People who are willing to spew abuse via private email
when they think there will be no public consequences
are my pet peeve ... they deserve to have their
vitriol see the light of day. Fortunately in this case
Mr. Ford himself has given me an opportunity to make
this so ... I have to at least give him credit for
ultimately standing behind his claim that he is not
embarrassed at his behaviour after pounding his chest
so savagely (and I must say I did not expect him to
agree to this), but I don't think he realises yet how
poorly his words reflect upon him, or else he wouldn't
have relinquished his privacy and possibly damaged his
public reputation, apparently just to avoid losing
face before a total stranger.

And with that ends what will probably be my only post
to this list. I normally just read the archives. I
only subscribed in order to post this and will
unsubscribe probably pretty soon since I don't
generally like getting lists by email. So let me take
this opportunity to say this is still a fascinating
list and I hope the few remaining scientific
heavyweights around here stay for a long time to come.
If anybody here has a problem with me for posting this
or for getting a little manipulative on Mr. Ford near
the end, that's fine I accept that criticism after all
I am human too and the ridiculous implication that I
was wrong to point out a serious breach of netiquette
did get my dander up a little. Usually I hate to see
personal arguments on the list, but I feel I have done
the right thing overall. People are abusive over email
for two basic reasons ... because (a) they lack a
basic respect for other human beings that is
independent of personal acquaintance with them, and
(b) they don't believe that their behaviour will ever
reflect on them. Mr. Ford gave me a rare opportunity
to bring his chickens home to roost. I had to do it.

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