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Re: Joseph Leidy Death and ...


>From the book:  Warren,  Joseph Leidy:  The Last Man Who Knew Everything,
Yale University Press, 1998 on page 221 it states that Joseph Leidy died on
April 30, 1891.

>From the textbook:  Martin, Introduction to the Study of Dinosaurs,
Blackwell Science, 2001, on page 82 it states Edward Hitchcock was born in
the year 1793.  I do not know the month and day.

Perhaps others on the list can fill you in the exact birth date of Edward

Glad to be of help,

Jim Hower

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| Hi
| Searching throught all the references I have,
|  I couldnt found to dates:
| 1- Joseph Leidy's date of death and
| 2- Edward Hichcock date of birth
| Any body may help me?
| Thanks in advance.
| Best
| Majid Mirzaie
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