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John Hutchinson's most recent ancestor

As a historical footnote to John Hutchinson/Mariano Garcia (who deserves credit every time this major study is mentioned), in all fairness, let us not forget Paul Colinvaux, in his1978 paper  "Why big fierce animals are scarce" (republished in the fine book of the same name), speculated the late Cretaceous tyrannosaurs were walkers more than runners, too large to genuinely ambush prey. It was an interesting idea. Interestingly enough, Paul, at a NATO study conference in 1962 on paleoclimates, stood up and said he believed dinosaurs thermoregulated...the remarks were sanitized from the proceedings volume, but, that same afternoon, Paul and Morris Ewing, at a bus stop in Newcastle, talked about researching if isotope traces of body temperature could be located in dinosaur bones. They never did. Later, to be sure, L.S. Russell in 1965 published a short paper on dinosaur endothermy. Such are the vagaries and forgotten eddies of t! ! hought.