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Hutchinson/Garcia tyrannosaur study noted

Rick Callahan, 2002. T. rex probably couldn't run. Associated Press 27 February <www.ap.org> their "The wire" enables free search/retrieval of articles published within a 2 week time frame of when one is accessing their site. The search word, in this case, is T. rex. I wonder if Martin Lockley's quote in the article is out-of-context -- nowhere have Hutchinson/Garcia published statements denying tyrannosaurs were not "dynamic and flexible", and they would agree "tissue is very hard to reduce to numbers"...which I do not think was the purpose of their study. And the quote attributed to Julia Day seems not only out-of-context, but devoid of logic: it is likely that,  based on their examinations of the best Tyrannosaurus rex specimens available for  analysis, they have reached a possible  range of weight for the animals known. I have not seen the entire statement, in print, made by Julia Day,  only on! ! e sentence in this Associated Press release  -- her study of Jurassic theropod tracks is quite exciting, "capturing" a moment in time of a transition from walk to...?faster walk...?slow run...and her paper on the tracks made by a theropod much smaller than a tyrannosaur is, with Hutchinson/Garcia, food for thought, not jealousy. Perhaps she would be willing to contribute a communique to the Dinosaur List on her ongoing work vs. having her remarks float in the ether without careful elucidation...the Hutchinson/Garcia paper is one (albeit significant) step in biomechanical exegesis of one taxon, her (significant)  paper describes a trackway of a non-tyrannosaur. Even the Thomas  Holtz allusion is not especially well-written by Rick Callahan, who should have read Thomas's various letters posted on the Dinosaur List before rushing into print....but, then, we are, after all, speaking of the "media", that tribal drum of cacaphony and (mis)attention disorders.