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RE: Many, many thoughts & responses re: the Hutchinson-Garcia pap er

Aspidel wrote:
<It would have choosen a wounded or sick _Edmontosaurus_ IMHO, as a lion
today with gazelles.>

Actually, ambush hunters (like lions and most other felines) don't really
choose the sick and wounded as most documentaries say. The reason is simple:
they get as close as possible to grazing or resting animals before a high
speed chase. Moderatly sick or wounded prey *casually* rest or graze, so
predators can't pick them off if they don't make them run, something ambush
hunters can't afford considering the energy it takes for them to chase

(See:   Bertram, B.C.R. 1979. Serengeti Predators and Their Social Systems.
Pp. 221-248. In (Sinclair A.R.E. and Norton-Griffiths M. (ed.)) Serengeti,
Dynamics of an Ecosystem .The University of Chicago Press, Chicago., 
Estes, R.D. 1991. The Behavior Guide to African Mammals. The University of
California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, for details.)

Instead, hunters relying on stamina can pick off the sick, wounded and old,
as their chase is relatively slow.
So, if T. rex was found to be much slower than its prey, it might strengthen
the hypothesis that T. rex was a "pursuit-and-bite" predator, already
formulated on dinosauria online under "Tyrannosaur hunting techniques".
Interestingly enough, it might also strengthen the "pack hunting" hypothesis
in Tyrannosaurs, as most "pursuit-and-bite" predators (canids and  hyaenids)
hunt in packs...