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Penguin research--fifth grade girls.

I am also awed by the quality of argument and research on this list.  But
sometimes one must find information as one can get it.

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, David Marjanovic wrote:

> Anyway, penguins breed on the coasts of
> southern and western South America, South Africa and southern Australia
> where heaps of predators exist.

I'm trying to verify this but according to the fifth graders of a Capetown
girls school, there are two mainland colonies of Jackass penguins (and if
I have to apologize about _this_ information, I have a ready made title,
for sure): Betty's Bay and Boulders.  Both of these survive due to
_fences_.  A few years ago a leopard got into Betty's Bay colony and wiped
out the entire breeding unit of more than a hundred birds--one
leopard!!!  The colony at Boulders has only been in existence since 1985
because, according to the girls, they was no food at the regular island

I am also researching the Punta Tombo
penguin colony. Anybody know a good elementary school in Patagonia?