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Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus Photos For You

I am a little late with this, but I noticed last month that there was a flurry of posts about _Giganotosaurus_. For what it is worth, here is my website with pictures I had taken of the _Giganotosaurus_ and _Argentinosaurus_ mounts at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, Georgia. The resolution is not the greatest..... But, if any of you want any specific pictures so that you can get a better look at them, just ask and I will e-mail them too you. I can send you the collages, the individual pics, or both.  Also, I am stationed in Mississippi right now (2Lt in the Air Force at Columbus AFB... I was in flight school). So, I plan on going back to see the mounts again in a few weeks. You can let me know what you specifically want pictures of, and I will take them for ya for nothing.


You might have to right click a pic and say Show Picture if one of them gives an X instead of opening for you.

Also, on the bottom of the page, I list brief descriptions of the animals. You will notice I do not agree with high-end weights that are sometimes given.
 They are just always way too high in my mind's eye. I could be wrong, but I think these estimates are rooted on a standard based not on dinosaurs or birds.... as they should be.... but more on mammals. Yes, I have read things like in _The Scientific American Book Of Dinosars_ on how the weights are derived ..... the improvements in the methods and etc. But, I also think that air sacs and pneumatic bones make a big difference ..... and I know some people apparently do not think they matter all that much.... Density was for the animal was just a little bit less than water so it matters very little they like to say...... But, it is like..... Did you ever pick up a b! ! ird?..... And I am not talking about a mutant turkey with the breasts of a Playboy model..... I mean a real, live and kicking, natural bird..... Take the femur of a swan..... Almost about the size of a human femur and very strong..... But!.... It weighs only a small fraction of that of the human's. Bird skulls..... a bag of them..... In one of those thin plastic bags like you get at the grocery store...... You pick it up ..... it feels completely empty. I know that the pneumatics of the bones of all of these animals were not all as advanced as those of a swan for various reasons.... But still.... I tend to think their state and importance for weight estimates are very much understated.

Anyway..... Enjoy the pics ..... and like I said ..... let me know if you want any of them, or if you want me to take some specific ones for you.

By the way..... The very first thing that went through my head when I set eyes on the two of them was that there was no freak way that giganotosaurs did not run around in flocks...... If they expected to bring down one of those argentinosaurs...... juvenile sauropod or not..... No freakn way could it have been done alone. Look at modern animals.

I am busy putting together all of my Sue pics for a website as well..... and I took those at Chicago the year she went on display. It is like I went over that sucker with a microscope! (Not to mention the 3 hours of video I took.) By the way..... It would be so cool if The Field Museum would buy a cast of the correct _Triceratops_ mount found at The Smithsonian and mount it facing Sue..... like it was charging her. That would be wicked if you ask me.

In fact..... I have 6 roles of film that I took at Carnegie in December that I need to get ready for the web too...... Busy busy busy I tell you... :-)