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Re: Theropod origin of birds in The Auk

HP Tim Williams icluded this in a post yesterday:
"Note added in proof: Norell et al. (2002) describe a new specimen of a
basal dromaeosaur (possibly a _Sinornithosaurus_) from the 124 Ma old Yixian
formation of China that has preserved impressions of modern pennaceous
feathers including a rachis, barbs, and a planar vane. Occasional separation
of barbs in the feather vanes document presence of differentiated barbules
as in _Archaeopteryx_ and modern birds.  Feathers on the tip of the tail are
>19 cm long, and the beautifully preserved feathers on the upper hindlimbs
are 13.5 cm long.  This latest discovery conclusively demonstrates the
theropod origin of feathers and birds."
Does anybody know if any photos of this specimen are available anywhere? (or any more details?)
Michael Lovejoy