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New theropod phylogenetics paper

Richard O. Prum, 2002. Why ornithologists should care about the theropod origin of birds. Auk 119(1):1-17
Well-articulated elucidation, long overdue, in a journal not known for being empathetic with the reality of the synonymy of "dinosaur" and "bird". S.J. Gould has argued that to say "birds" are "dinosaurs" is not true, that "birds" descended from "dinosaurs" but are not "dinosaurs" (whatever that semantic tap-dancing means, as it is not worthy of the scientific honesty he is known for). This is, to be sure, why clarity of phylogenetic systematics is so very important, why the efforts of Jacques Gauthier, Thomas Holtz, John Hutchinson, Mariano Garcia,  and so many others to formulate definitions all can understand with the same meanings need to be supported and financially funded. Research in paleontology is languishing in many cases because currency is unavailable.