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Re[1] Acrocanthosaurus atokensis locomotion

> >Has there been any kind of locomotion and/or biomecanical
> >study done on _A.atokensis_ ? Just seems pretty speedy-built
> >for such a large theropod ...
> Weren't the Texas trackways in Farlow's 1981 analysis
attributable to
> _Acrocanthosaurus_?
> The ref:
> Farlow, J. O. 1981. Estimates of dinosaur speeds from a
new trackway site
> in Texas. Nature 294: 747-748.
> Other than that, I don't think there's been much in
relation to this
> animal's locomotory abilities.
> Jordan Mallon

Thanks! It's still unclear which speeds they indicate. I've
heard those trackways indicate a speed of 22-26 mph but I'm
not sure. Does anyone have any other info on those trackways
? For insistance, the estimated speed, and the estimated hip
height & weight of this _Acrocanthosaurus_ specimen ?

Thomas Miller
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