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Re[1] Re : New Tyrannosaurus paper

> From : "no go" <honkietong@hotmail.com>
> Date : 03/03/2002 16:15:15
> *snip*
> >I'd also want some opinons ... I mean, I'd need an explaina-
> >tion of how Elephants, animals that have shorter legs, worst
> >F/TMTIII ratios, get heavier, are much bulkier, do NOT
> >achieve a suspention phase and can still charge at 25 miles
> >per hour. In my eyes, T-Rex seems better suited for moving
> >than an elephant.
> >
> >- Thomas Miller
> *snippidely*
> Indeed, it would be most interesting to see how this
latest method of
> speeding dinosaurs tests out on modern large animals
indeed. Prehaps the
> "bumblebee" anthology could hold some water after all.

Another thing to concider : They used 6,000 kg for MOR 555,
which is heavy. In Currie's 2000 paper, he claims the
Anderson method gives 4,160 kg for MOR 555. Would such a big
(~1.45) difference in weight affect the outcome of their
method ?

Thomas Miller
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