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Re: Penguin research--fifth grade girls

I hardly qualify as a fifth grader, being fifty-four, but I have visited
Punta Tombo and Yes, it is on the mainland, it's a large colony and it's
easily accessible.

As for South Africa I've visited two smallish colonies on the mainland, One
is in Simonstown (presumably one of the ones mentioned by the
fifth-graders) and the other is at Lamberts Bay on the west coast. The
latter was fenced when I visited it, the former was not (this was in 1993 I

In Australia all Penguin colonies I've visited are on islands (though
Phillips Island is now connected with the mainland by a causeway). There
are a few mainland colonies but I think all of them are at the base of the
Nullarbor Cliffs and thus almost inaccessible except by sea.

There are many Penguin colonies on the "mainland" of New Zealand, but of
course there are no mammalian predators larger than cats there.

Tommy Tyrberg