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Re: Many, many thoughts & responses re: the Hutchinson-Garcia paper

Dann wrote:
>Lions and leopards are much slower than many of their prey. In fact,
>ambush predators in general seem to be fairly robust creatures - not
>unlike a certain large theropod? If you're not chasing down gazelles for
>a living, why be an olympic sprinter?
Dann makes a good point here, but there is still Horner's "C.rex" who is
said to have had a femur and tibia of equal length, making it possible for
it to have hunted actively. The femur has to be shorter or at least of equal
length to the tibia to have a hunting predator, which isn't the case in the
laterT.rex. A well known fact to everyone on the list is that the femur in
T.rex is longer than the tibia, so it was only able to walk. To return to
the point of your post: If you're not chasing down gazelles for a living,
why be a an olympic runner, and if you are a ambush predator, why be a

Rutger Jansma