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Re: Inertiasaurus rex

Dan "basilisk boy" Varner (Danvarner@aol.com) wrote:

>  ... I stumbled into the
> living room where my lovely spouse was eating lunch while watching
> television. The program playing was "When Dinosaurs Roamed North America". I
> walked in during the Hell Creek sequence with Tyrannosaurus chasing
> Edmontosaurus (or Anatotitan). --- SNIP --- The
> dinosaurs were running at warp speed...

You may have missed that the fast tyrannosaurs shown were juveniles, which must
have been more capable of speedy pursuit than their elders (who only show up at
the end of the chase to deliver the coup de grace in the sequence you cite).  In
general, this compares with the fast juvenile tyrannosaur hypothesis advanced by
Phil Currie.  Young tyrannosaurs would have been less massive than the "full
grown" adults, and their limb proportions were the same as those of 
of like size (hence the earlier erroneous misidentification of a group of young
albertosaurs as ornithomimids).  On the other hand, ornithomimids didn't sport
refrigerator muzzles at the fore end, these individuals may have been a bit long
in the tooth for such speed (just how big were those suckers?) and I had a heck
of a time trying to keep my tachometer trained on the bobbing heads of the
tyrannosaurs as they zoomed by, so I'm not exactly sure how fast they were 

-----------Ralph W. Miller III

"_T. rex_ was a giant roadrunner from Hell!" according to guess who.  (No, not
Chuck Jones).