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Sauropods vs. Gravity

The gravitational attraction is proportional to the mass, and to the
inverse square of the distance between the two bodies.
(halve the distance, and the attraction goes up by a factor of 4).  So,
for a given mass the gravitational attraction at the
surface is stronger if the radius of the body is smaller.  This is also
why objects in elliptical orbits move faster when near
perigee than near apogee.


Darryl Jones wrote:

   At 03:28 PM 3/3/2002, you wrote:

  I looked up this topic and found this from the USGS:

  "Gravitation is the force of attraction between two bodies, such as
the Earth and our body. The strength of this
  attraction depends on the mass of the two bodies and the inverse
square of the distance between them." [emphasis

  What am I missing?