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Paleo Students Beware!!!

It was just brought to my attention my a friend of mine that my paper on
dinosaur nesting and parental care has been posted on the internet, without
my permission, and with my NAME REMOVED from it!!!!!
This paper was written for a historical geology class, and is currently
being prepared to be submitted to a journal for publication...and someone,
either someone I had sent this to, or someone who may have gotten a copy
through someone I sent it, has submitted it to this unethical website. I
fear this may lead to many bad things. I have written the site owner asking
for them to remove my paper. However, I would caution all persons on this
lit to check this site, to make sure they have not been ripped off
(especially students/those who have sent unpublished manuscripts to others
to look over). This is a clear violation of U.S. Copyright Law
Just a word of warning from one pissed off paleo student to all, in hopes
that it doesn't happen to y'all.

Student of Geology
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Flagstaff, Az. 86011
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