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Ken and others, I had a feeling this post from Ken had got to be a joke of some sort.  The more I re-read the more I realize it's not.  That's what scares me.  I recall my first encounter with Mister Kinman:


Where he stated basically the same things as he stated in this morning's email.

1) Mammals OBVIOUSLY evolved from reptiles because he says so, and so do 19th century anatomist, the genius of whom could never ever ever be eclipsed by modern scientists.  No matter what modern science says, they're wrong and he's right.

2) He is the true populist mouthpiece of the vast majority of people, both scientific and lay.  They all think that cladistics is awful, but only Ken Kinman has the cojones to say something about.  Who else is reminded of the faux populism exhibeted by our very own reverse Robin Hood politicians?

3) Funding for cladistics is vanishing.  No demonstration of vanished cash yet, just insistance that it has.

Well ya know what Ken?  I'm calling bullshit on all this.  You have played "let's pretend I'm a real paleontologist and have any fucking idea what I'm doing" for two excruciatingly long years, and I have just about had enough, and I know I'm not the only one.

In one week and 6 days I will mark my seventh anniversary on the Dinosaur Mailing List, but you are very close to making me call it quits Ken.

You consistantly ignore every single paleontologist and probably neontologist on Earth and construct phylogenies in some fantasy land totally devoid of any other human scientist but yourself.  When you attempt science, it's really some sort of opisthoscientific just-so-story you make up to fit the pre-conceived "theories" you have.

Knock it off Ken.  I'm definitely not the first to go because of this BS, and I sure as hell won't be the last if it continues.

Pete Buchholz

I think I will now go on to do something less painful... like listen to John Ashcroft sing.... [slowly starts to pound head against wall]