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Re[1] Limb proportions (was RE: Many, many thoughts & responses re: the Hutchinson-Garcia paper)

<< Yes. Cats are not built along the same lines as theropods.>>

Kay. I just wanted to show why I did not buy the "longer F/T
equals slower" thing, compairing two similar sized animals
(Cheetah, Gazelle) with very different F/T ratios.

<< Quadrupedal mammals are interesting in that they can flex
their dorsal column to increase stride length; the master at
this is, not surprisingly, the cheetah.>>

Okay. If we compaired a _T-Rex_ to an Elephant, my take is
that the Rex would be faster (e.g superior on nearly every
aspect; Very different locomotion habits though). So perhaps
we could wait until Hutchinson explains how it is possible
for African Elephants to reach 25 mph (11 m/sec-1) before
buying their study ... Just my thoughs.

>>My take is that *Maybe* Tibia/Femur does determine the type
>>of speed, perhaps.

<< No one says it is the sole determinant of speed.>>

Except Jack Horner :)

<< So the T. rex with the 1280 FL is MOR 555. MOR 009 (with
an 1143 mm FL) is actually closer to the _Acro._ specimens.>>

I was reffering to the NCSM 14345 specimen of _A.atokensis_
described in Currie's 2000 paper. According to the paper, it
has a femur of 1277 mm, a tibia of 960 mm and an MTIII of
439 mm with phalanges said to be "over half a meter". NOT
according to the paper, but from what I have read, those
would be about 53 cm. Question : Why are we leaving out
phalanges ? In my eyes, they are needed in the "longer
metasarsals equals faster" thing, since they walk on their toes.

MOR 555 has a femur of 1280 mm (It said 1270 in another
source and 1440 for G.carolinii in another, but I guess 1cm
is irrevelant), and a tibia of 1100 mm - I think - that's
why I compaired it to NCSM 14345 (1277 mm femur).

So ... Does anyone have MTIII/Phalanges measurements for MOR
555 ?

Thomas Miller
Le journal des abonnés Caramail - http://www.carazine.com