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As Promised... Carnegie Museum Pics For You

Well, I just finished putting my photos from Carnegie up on the web. I haven't slept. I have been up for almost 45 hours now..... making collages... I am going blind.


You'll find photos of the _T. rex_ type and the cast from New York. The types of _Diplodocus carnegii_ and _Apatosaurus louisae_ are also featured, as is a nice _Quetzalcoatlus northropi_ mount and the juvenile _Camarasaurus lentus_.  I have other views for the _Diplodocus_ and _Apatosaurus_.... from the upper right and left..... but I couldn't fit them on the page :-)  But, regardless.... there are a lot of photos on this page, so you might have to either reload it or right click on pics that don't open for you and select Show Picture.

Of course.... The same thing goes for these photos as it went for my Atlanta, GA pics. If you want some, just e-mail me... but put Carnegie Giants in the subject line so I don't delete your e-mail by accident. If some of you e-mailed me asking about my _Giganotosaurus_ and _Argentinosaurus_ photos and I never responded too you..... that means I was stupid and deleted your e-mail without knowing what it was. If this happened to you, please just write me again with Giganoto Argentino in the subject line..... I'll smack myself for the error.

These pictures here are much better then the ones from Atlanta. I've perfected mending the photos together and getting rid of any gaps, distortion, and the what not. And because I've learned some tricks and have gotten better at this, I'll be revamping my Giganoto and Argentino website. This only matters for those of you that want my collages and such so you can view them at a higher resolution...... I'm going to fix every single one of them for you. :-)

Coffee is gooooooooooooood.

A cross-eyed Kris