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Re: Re[1] Acrocanthosaurus atokensis locomotion

From: dexter dexter <dexter1647@caramail.com>

Does he state that the 12.1 m/sec-1 estimates where made by
a large theropod or such ?

Trackway Q94->Q98 has a mean print length of 29 cm, and mean stride of 565.6 cm. Take that as you will. The paper quotes, "All the F^6 Ranch tracks seem to have been made by carnivorous dinosaurs (theropods) of various sizes." The animal that made Q94->Q98 is said to have been running.

By << 1.8 - 12.1 m/s >> do you mean for the same trackway or
for several trackways ?

Several trackways. 15, to be exact.

Or perhaps it has been clearified later, but as someone else
stated, are the 12.1 m/s speed estimates for _A.atokensis_
or for some (from what I've heard) small theropod ?

Still trying to clear that one up. I don't really think the trackways mentioned in Farlow (1981) are the same as the Paluxy River tracks. Especially considering the variation in the size of the track makers.
It'd be great if HP Farlow could help clear this up...

Jordan Mallon


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