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Re[1] Re[1] Re[1] Acrocanthosaurus atokensis locomotion

<< 5.65 m ? That's about 18.5 feet. It could only be a very
large animal. What speed does it indicate for that
(Q94->Q98) trackway ?

That's the 12.1 m/s one.>>

Damn. That's one fast bastard. 12.1 m/sec-1 is 43.5 km/h or
nearly 27 miles per hour. If the stride is 5.65 m, then the
animal was doing about 2.15 strides per second, that's
extraordinarly high.

>>Oh, that was subtle ;)

<< I wasn't trying to be subtle. I want him to help us
clear this thing up.>>

Is he on the list ?

Anyways, if I may ask one last question : Of the paper you
have, what is the trackway that has the longest stride ? (Or
is it that the 5.65 m one is the longest stride one?)

Thomas Miller
(Or "JurassiClaw", if you hadn't recognized me :)
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