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RE: Acrocanthosaurus atokensis locomotion

>>> "Jordan Mallon" <j_mallon@hotmail.com> 03/04/02 06:39PM >>>
See below for comment straight from the horse's, er, mouth:

>Weren't the Texas trackways in Farlow's 1981 analysis attributable to

>The ref:
>Farlow, J. O.  1981.  Estimates of dinosaur speeds from a new trackway

> >site in Texas.  Nature 294: 747-748.

Correction: I double checked this today, and as it turns out, Farlow
no mention as to what might have made those tracks.  Speed estimates in
paper range from 1.8 - 12.1 m/s, using Alexander's old equation.
Just clearing up any confusion.

Yes, indeed.  I did not attribute the trackways at the F6 Ranch site to
any particular theropod.  However, I suspect that the larger prints at
least were indeed made by _Acrocanthosaurus_ (see my paper in last
year's Currie Festschrift).

Trying to determine how closely one can correlate footprints with
bipedal dinosaur taxa is the very thing I have been putting most of my
research effort into for the last 20 years (gack).  I am presently
working on a technical book about this matter, and am about 1/3 of the
way through writing the ms.  It goes slowly because I do my data
analyses as I write.  The book will present the results of my work on
footprint formation by emus and other large birds, foot shapes in
dinosaurs, birds, and crocodilians, and how inferences about dinosaur
paleoecology based on footprints fit with inferences based on skeletal