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RE: Acrocanthosaurus atokensis locomotion

Are these, in fact, the same tracks, though?  In the original paper
1981), the tracks are always associated with the F^6 Ranch, and the 
association with the "Paluxy River" is never made.  Not only that, but
trackway described in Farlow (1981) is said to be "new", whereas the
River tracks (supposedly made by _Acrocanthosaurus_) were discovered
1938 by 
Roland T. Bird.
They ARE both from Texas, though...

I suspect that _Acrocanthosaurus_ could well have been the trackmaker
at both F6 Ranch and Paluxy River sites.  Bear in mind, though, that the
Early Cretaceous footprints from Texas come in a range of sizes (see my
2001 paper in the Currie volume).  Furthermore, there is a slight age
difference between Paluxy River and F6 Ranch sites (see papers by Jeff
Pittman and Mike Hawthorne for details).  I would be astonished if they
were all the same species.  The ultimate goal of all my emu chasing,
gator wrassling, and toebone measuring is to try to get a handle (to the
extent this is possible) on how many kinds of trackmakers I am dealing
with in the Texas tridactyl ichnofauna, and what groups they represent.