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Re: Re[1] Acrocanthosaurus atokensis locomotion

See below

<< Correction: I double checked this today, and as it turns
out, Farlow makes no mention as to what might have made
those tracks. Speed estimates in this paper range from 1.8 -
12.1 m/s, using Alexander's old equation. Just clearing up
any confusion.>>

Does he state that the 12.1 m/sec-1 estimates where made by
a large theropod or such ?

By << 1.8 - 12.1 m/s >> do you mean for the same trackway or
for several trackways ?

Or perhaps it has been clearified later, but as someone else
stated, are the 12.1 m/s speed estimates for _A.atokensis_
or for some (from what I've heard) small theropod ?

Memories....misty water-colored memories....

Mean trackway footprint lengths at the F6 Ranch site ranged from 29 cm
to 47 cm.  There were 15 trackways for which I estimated trackmaker
speed using the Alexander equations.  Most of them suggested dinosaurs
in no particular hurry, but three of them yielded estimated speeds of
8-12 m/s.  The largest animal of the three (with an estimated speed of
11-12 m/s) had a mean footprint length of 38 cm.  This could very well
have been an immature individual of _Acrocanthosaurus_, but it could
just as easily have been some other kind of theropod.