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Publications & Subscriptions (was RE: Norell et al. 2002 reference)

From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of Michael Lovejoy
>Okay, okay. I'll wait for the paper. problem is I don't know where it will be published. (Nature?)
That would be telling.  (Actually, as the reference in the Prum article which got the whole thing going said "Nature", that wouldn't be telling.)
PLEASE review the archives to see the importance of waiting for a paper so that the contents are not spilled prematurely, thus jeopardizing the possibility of publication.
When important articles come out, they will most definitely be announced here; that is, for me, the main utility of this list!
> The real problem is that being short of cash I can't simply subscribe to every journal going. So, can you recommend which
> journals would be the best for a low-budget dinophile to subscribe to? I imagine this is a problem for many of those on this
> list, so we (well, me, anyway) will find this advice useful.
No non-scientist should subscribe to Nature or Science, unless you've got cash to burn.  Heck, I just read the University's copies (or now the online version).  For every 2 pages of paleo you get something like 100 pages of non-paleo material, be it research in dozens of other fields, news, reviews, classifieds, ads, etc.
In fact, my general advice is don't subscribe to anything until you've seen an issue or two of it yourself.  Then you can be the judge.  Please remember, technical journals are technical; they do not hold back on the terminology (nor should they; they are written by the professionals for the professionals.  It is where science is done!).  If you aren't willing to shell out great wads of cash for articles that are full of jargon and low on interpretation, then don't subscribe.
The best of all possible worlds is to be near a university or museum library, where you can xerox just the stuff you need.
Anyone else have some thoughts on this?

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