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RE: Publications & Subscriptions (was RE: Norell et al. 2002 refe rence)

Tom Holtz wrote:

>When important articles come out, they will most definitely be announced
>here; that is, for me, the main utility of this list!

Alas, the DML has the potential for so much more.  This potential is very
often, but not always, realised.  The DML doesn't *have* to be a forum for
the crazed taxonomic musings of a certain individual who wouldn't know a
semilunate carpal if it punched him in the nose (here's hoping!).  (And if
you think I'm being too harsh, I'll forward you some of the crap - currently
sitting in my Trash can - that I've received off-list from this individual.)

>No non-scientist should subscribe to Nature or Science, unless you've
>got cash to burn.  Heck, I just read the University's copies (or now the
>online version).  


>Please remember, technical journals are technical; they do not hold back
>on the terminology (nor should they; they are written by the >professionals
for the professionals.  It is where science is done!).  If >you aren't
willing to shell out great wads of cash for articles that are >full of
jargon and low on interpretation, then don't subscribe.

I would add that, due to severe constraints on the size of their
contributions, _Nature_ and _Science_ articles often hold back on the
technical data too.  I've seen papers before and after they were submitted
to these journals, and a lot of very interesting and very informative stuff
is culled during the review process.  (Left on the cutting room floor, so to
speak.)  Unfortunately, while the final product is more concise, it is often
more difficult to understand, and certain fascinating details (to me,
anyway) are omitted.



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