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RE: Publications & Subscriptions

<<It is also worth noting (in my humble opinion), that many universities
 have interlibrary loan services.  I keep up with Nature, Science, and
a few other expensive journals by reading the University copies.  When
I hear about a particular article of interest in a journal that isn't
owned by the Univ library here, I can have it sent to me in pdf format
from somewhere that does; no charge at all.  I recommend that anyone
at academic institutions take advantage of this service.>>

I second this!  Inter-library loan is such a great service.  I use it so
much that the ILL staff in my library are on a first name basis with me.
Heck I figure, Im paying thousands of dollars for tuition, might as well get
my moneys worth :) It is also of note that public libraries provide the same

As far as subscribing to journals, if you are a student, I would take
advantage of the student rates for JVP, Palaeontology, Journal of Paleo, and
Paleobiology.  Palaeontology is by far the best deal.  It costs $18 for a
student membership to PalAss, and you get a subscription to the excellent
journal Palaeontology.  Heck for those in the US, that doesnt even cover the
printing and shipping costs.

Randall Irmis