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Sauropods vs. Gravity - Mr. Holtz

Mr. Holtz, when you replied to my comments with phrases like "There is no "use" 
for species.", or the the point of evolution is "Nothing; or simple survival.", 
makes me wonder if you are a cynic on evolution in general.

Let me clear something up, I look at the class of Dinosauria as more than 
simply "cool", so please stop deducing my exchanges and admiration as a form of 
juvenile fancy for the beasts. Thank you.

Further more, I really hope you view evolution as a purposeful means of how 
everything works, and not as a happy accident. Do you think everything that has 
ever developed was an accident? Because that is what it sounds like you are 

When I remarked, "So why did we need such a huge forager?"
And you replied, "Got nothing to do with "need"."...
It sounds like you are throwing out the whole idea of a purpose for the 
proliferation of life. While there may not be a cognitive thought process going 
on, as in the way we humans problem solve, but there definitely is a means 
behind evolution. We see that in the patterns scientists track and follow, 
known in biology and all other life and earth sciences. If there were no 
patterns, we would have nothing to stand on as far as an  interpretation of 
anything. So you see, there has to be a "need" for organisms in an environment. 
Finding out what that need is, is what science is all about. Think about what 
YOU are saying, man.