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Re: publications and subscriptions

 >For every 2 pages of paleo you get something like 100 pages of non-paleo material, be it research in dozens of other fields, news, reviews, classifieds, ads, etc.... (snip)....Anyone else have some thoughts on this?<
Although not a publication, per se, the internet is a subscription service that offers good value as a source of information--even though any particular user would probably find even less than 2% of its content of personal interest, and only a portion of that reliable.  Apart from the best first option--the resources of good library--an ISP account is a pretty good deal.  I've recently read that 53.3 million American households paid for personal dial-up ISP accounts in 2001 (AOL, MSN, etc).  If you assume an average of $20/month/account, you get roughly $12.8 billion a year in after-tax personal income being spent on information access.  I can't help but believe that such a vast ocean of money offers some opportunities to help the scientific journals provide the public with some electronic access to their content at no additional cost.