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More trackway questions...

With all this talk going on about dinosaur trackways and running speed these days, I decided to check out one of the latest papers written on the subject:

Day, J. J., D. B. Norman, P. Upchurch, and H. P. Powell. 2002. Dinosaur locomotion from a new trackway. Nature 415: 494-495.

In it, the author's state, "This [zig-zag] pattern contrasts strongly with the more usual narrow-gauge form of theropod trackway in which pace-angulation values range between 160 degrees and 170 degrees: the hind-foot impressions are located close to the midline of the trackway."
Now, I've always read that most recovered dinosaur trackways indicate animals walking at moderately slow speeds, as evidenced by the relatively smaller pace lengths and pace angulations. But according to this paper, trackways in which the foot prints are left close to the midline are most common, which, as I understand it, indicates a speedy animal.
What's the deal?

Jordan Mallon


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