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Carnegie Photo labeled wrong

I forgot to change my font.... sorry.... Here is the message again for those that couldn't read the original one:

I screwed up....  I labeled wrong the cast of the _Tyrannosaurus rex_ running down the hall at you.... It is not AMNH 5027..... it's MOR 555...... the Wankel Rex..... Horner's baby.... And I can't help myself..... When I see how the skeleton is mounted, I giggle considering this is THE rex that Horner uses to say you know what..... Since it was mounted in a narrow hallway, I couldn't get a good look at it and it appeared that the skull was crushed in the same way as New York's, giving it a slightly dished profile. I was wrong.

Many thanks to Christine Mills at Carnegie for pointing out to me my embarrassing blunder. :-)

It's been corrected on the website.