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Re: Sauropods vs. Gravity - Mr. Rowe

Mickey Rowe <rowe@psych.ucsb.edu> wrote:

"And as an even more cautionary note, Mr. Cambridge, given what you appear to 
think you know about evolution it looks like you are trying to introduce the 
most recent flavor of Creationism.  Before proceeding down that path, I 
strongly urge you to familiarize yourself with dinosaur list policy:"

That is ridiculous, Mr. Rowe. The last thing I am is a creationist, and frankly 
I don't understand where you even got that from my posts. What I was merely 
stating was that the evolutionary process appears to be not made up of a series 
of accidents fumbling along. Rather, it appears to know what it is doing. For 
Mr.Holtz to hint that any organism, whether megafauna or microscopic, does not 
have a meaning for its environment, and that likewise they do not have a 
"needful" ecological niche, has a bit of an uneducated flare to it, regardless 
of his background.

For you to label me as a creationist is unfounded, and an aggressive attack. I 
hope you do not make a practice of this to I or others on the list. Before I 
entered this forum, I read the administrative information thoroughly. I haven't 
done anything wrong here, but I have defended my point of view from Mr. Holtz. 
I think you should read the comments Mr. Holtz has made previously to me. I 
would like to think this is an open forum. Please don't make accusations which 
carry no merit. Thank you.

P. Cambridge