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RE: Body Morphs (was Let me clear something up...)

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Subject: Let me clear something up...

First of all, I am NOT a creationist. If any of my comments made it sound
like I am, then I apologize. I can see how my view of evolution being a
purposeful event seems a bit radical amongst hard data.

But let's not nit-pick here. I am merely stating that I believe organisms
have more importance than just being here. I guess I was coming from the
viewpoint of a harmony in nature, not a divine hand that oversees all. I
believe ecological niches are not just a product, but a need to sustain
life. Surely you all can understand that. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers. I
have a lot of questions and I heard this was the place to get them answered.

Paul Cambridge
I don't know if this is part of your question your seeking to have answered,
but perhaps another take on it is why certain types of body morphs is
repeted over and over in different kinds of animals. I've mentioned this on
the list before, i.e. Long snouted labyrinthodonts, Permian and Triassic,
phytosaurs, gavials; Short skulled, big toothed, labyrinthodonts, Permian
and Triassic, Anthracosaurs, thecodonts, crocodilians; snake bodies,
lepospondyls, lizards, snakes, pleurosaur sphenodonts, etc. the list goes on
and on.

Ecological niches spring forth body morphs?

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