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Re: The race of the cripples

I Wrote :

> >If you ask me, Allosaurus would beat the living crap outa
> >all those three in a race. Acrocanthosaurus would be tied
> >with _Allosaurus_, T.Rex would come a conciderable margin
> >behind and Both _G.carolinii_ & _C.saharicus_ would end up
> >few steps behind ...

HT replied :
<< If we threw *Albertosaurus* into the mix, I'll bet your
twenty it'll win by a considerable margin.>>

Most likely. But it depends on which _Allosaurus_ where
talking about here. If we're talking about _A.fragilis_,
don't forget it was a lighter animal than _A.sarcoghagus_.

Pardon the grossly babytalk names here :)

Depends entirely does it not. But I still have a that eggy feeling that a 2-ton Alberto would outspeed a 1.5 ton Allo. Of course, pit a 1.5 ton young Alberto or Tyranno against a 1.5 Allo, the results would be extremely clear.

In the unlikely event I am wrong, it's your twenty on the line anyway, if you noticed it... ;-)

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