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Re: Speed in giants and cursors

Jordan Mallon wrote:

> Interestingly, I remember seeing a documentary in which Dr. Farlow said he
> didn't even think there was this sort of fault in the trackway at all.

I respond:

> I know that James Farlow makes these comments on the video, "Assignment
> Discovery: Discover Magazine, New Dinosaurs," which also profiles the work of
> Tom Williamson (_Parasurolophus_), Nathan Myhrvold (_Apatosaurus_), Karen Chin
> (coprolites), Kent Stevens (Tyrannosaur vision), and Dave Thomas (in the
> Paluxy River Tracks segment with Farlow).  This wonderful 51 minute long
> documentary is available at <www.discoverychannelschool.com>.  There aren't
> actually any new dinosaurs in the video, just recent research, but that works
> for me!  Unfortunately, it is sold at the "institutional" price of about $60
> US (if I recall correctly).  It may show up on the Discovery Channel again
> some time.

I think that a different documentary focused on the Paluxy tracks alone, but I
have no more information on this.

------------Ralph W. Miller III