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Re: More trackway questions...

Jordan Mallon wrote:

> Now, I've always read that most recovered dinosaur trackways indicate
> animals walking at moderately slow speeds, as evidenced by the relatively
> smaller pace lengths and pace angulations.  But according to this paper,
> trackways in which the foot prints are left close to the midline are most
> common, which, as I understand it, indicates a speedy animal.
> What's the deal?

I, too, am accustomed to seeing narrow gauge trackways for theropod dinosaurs.
I wonder how the unusual breadth and angulations of this theropod trackway (when
the animal was moving slowly) can be explained.  The tracks look awkward to me,
as if the animal was taking its cues from an old Burian painting (an anachronism
I know, but you get my point).

Regarding the prevalence of narrow gauge theropod trackways, as much as I favor
energetic dinosaurs, it is hard to imagine that theropods were speeding about
99% of the time.  (Yes, for your information, I did just pull that percentage
out of a hat).  Even wolves slow down to sniff and urinate now and then.
Besides, aren't there plenty of narrow gauge theropod tracks with short stride

-------------Ralph W. Miller III