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Re: Archaeopteryx running

Williams, Tim wrote:

> Sorry to hear about your Mom; hope everything's OK.

Thank you, Tim.

> So do I - but I think my reasons are different to yours.  I look at things
> from a functional anatomical viewpoint.

I didn't realize I didn't.  Thanks for pointing it out.

>  I find it difficult to believe that proavian suddenly just used its forelimbs
> for an aerodynamic and/or
> locomotive purpose.

Me too.

>  I think the forelimbs had to be "led into" such a purpose, via an exaptive
> pathway - in other words, their *use* for one
> function pre-adapted them to another function (in this case, flight).

Again, me too.  But I would point out that archie would hopefully be able to run
fast enough to land without being obligated to go fanny over teakettle.