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RE:Very Strange Comments

I wonder if Horner believes that T.rex would suddenly be able to run quickly if it's leg bone proportions changed, no matter what the size of the animal. Based on his comments, I have to wonder if Horner thoroughly read the paper and supplementary info (or read them at all), since there's absolutly nothing in there about femur/tibia ratio. In an earlier post, HP Holtz pointed out that Horner has yet to prove that limb proportions affect hunting ability. He also points out that larger dinosaurs will have a longer femur, and that tyrannosaurs still have longer tibiae than the other big ones.
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Yeah I noticed that to.Hadrosaurus have femures of the same size of the rex(bigger than the tibia/fibula bones) or somtimes even bigger like in parasaurolophus.Horner never explained that(as far as I know).And that also ocures in  most therapods, dose that mean they all didint run?Can somone explain how did J.H come up with this femur, tibia/libia theory and if there is any truth to this theory?

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