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Re[1] The race of the cripples

I wrote : << If you ask me, Allosaurus would beat the living
crap outa all those three in a race. Acrocanthosaurus would
be tied with _Allosaurus_, T.Rex would come a conciderable
margin behind and Both _G.carolinii_ & _C.saharicus_ would
end up few steps behind ...>>

HT replied : << twenty it'll win by a considerable margin.>>

I wrote : << Most likely. But it depends on which
_Allosaurus_ where talking about here. If we're talking
about _A.fragilis_, don't forget it was a lighter animal
than _A.sarcoghagus_.>>

HT wrote : << Pardon the grossly babytalk names here :)

Depends entirely does it not. But I still have a that eggy
feeling that a 2-ton Alberto would outspeed a 1.5 ton Allo.
Of course, pit a 1.5 ton young Alberto or Tyranno against a
1.5 Allo, the results would be extremely clear.>>

Why? Because it has a "better" F/T ratio ? Because it has
longer metasarsals ? Because it's ilium would end up a
couple of inches longer ? None of these is conclusive
evidence, even bet, that it would win.

Like I stated earlier in my Cheetah/Gazelle example, you
should look for yourself carefully, because it is fond to
give you a false impression. Look at it this way : The
Cheetah has an F/T ratio of about 0.9 and it's metasarsals
are less than half the lenght of it's tibia. The gazelle has
a tibia 1.25 the lenght of it's femur, and has longer
metasarsals. Who is faster ? Using your logic, the gazelle
should be much faster, but it is not the case. The gazelle
can sustain high speeds for long, while the Cheetah can
sustain higher speeds for much less time.

In a sprint, who would win ? Depends on the individual,
health, age, ect ... The problem is that given what Thom
Holtz said, if you compair a same femur-lenght Allo to a
same femur-lenght Alberto, you should have both similar
weight individuals, so the Allosaur ends up having shorter
tibia & MTIII. But in ALL weight estimates I have seen,
Allosaurus is surprisingly light, and I don't think such a
big difference in weight is a coincidence when it happens
simply *too* often while compairing Allosauroids to

Same goes with the knee crest arguement : It is fond to give
you a wrong impression.

So my take is a 1.5 ton A.fragilis would outrun a 2 ton
Albertosaurus, with the other way around for those having
the same weight.

So for now, I keep my twenty :)

Thomas Miller

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