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Re: More trackway questions...

From: Dino Guy Ralph <dinoguyralph@earthlink.net>

I, too, am accustomed to seeing narrow gauge trackways for theropod >dinosaurs. I wonder how the unusual breadth and angulations of this >theropod trackway (when the animal was moving slowly) can be explained.

Who knows? I think it's safe to say that this mode of locomotion seems pretty specific to the animal that left the tracks, as we see no other similar evidence left by animals plodding along in the same matter. Maybe the wide-gauged tracks were left when the theropod crouched down for some reason - perhaps to stalk prey or something. Spreading the legs further apart would help the animal to keep its balance as it lowered its body. It then began to stand more upright and chase its potential prey. I wonder who won? ;)

Regarding the prevalence of narrow gauge theropod trackways, as much >as I favor energetic dinosaurs, it is hard to imagine that theropods >were speeding about 99% of the time.

Couldn't agree with you more. Wouldn't be surpised if theropods spent 90% of their time lying in the shade of a tree. :)

Jordan Mallon


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