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Re: In PALAIOS ... Taphonomy of Two Western Hemisphere Assemblages

chris brochu (christopher-brochu@uiowa.edu) wrote:

<I assume you're inadvertantly leaving a digit out of the publication
dates? Or are these really from Roman-era volumes of Palaios?>

  LOL ... oops ...

  Proper year for both papers is 2001. Hence,

Rogers, R.R.; Arcucci, A.B.; Abdala, F.; Sereno, P.C.; Forster, C.A.; and
May, C.L. 2001. Paleoenvironment and Taphonomy of the Chañares Formation
Tetrapod Assemblage (Middle Triassic), Northwestern Argentina: Spectacular
Preservation in Volcanogenic Concretions. _Palaios_ 16(5): 461-481.>

Jaime A. Headden

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