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Re: T-Rex's baby brother had feathers claim scientists - Your News from Ananova

>The first fossil of a dinosaur that appears to have had mature feathers
>identical to those of modern birds has been unearthed in China.
>The US-Chinese research team said the three foot fossil should settle once
>and for all the acrimonious debate over whether birds and dinosaurs are
>It also reinforces the idea that dinosaurs were not cold-blooded after all,
>as the textbooks said for generations, but warm-blooded creatures that
>needed feathers for warmth, not flight.
>Full story: http://www.ananova.com/yournews/story/sm_537849.html

Australian Skeptics is sponsoring one of these feathered dinosaurs in the
Australian Museum's "Chinosaurs Exhibition" (their largest dinosaur
exhibition ever, and featuring Chinese dinos) that opens in July.  The
Museum had sealed the deal with the Chinese authorities, but when one of
the feathered specimens later became available the Museum had run out of
money, so we picked up the tab.  We expect to get some pretty good
publicity out of it and as it will probably case a fair degree of heartburn
among the local Answers in Genesis crowd, we feel quite cheerful about it.