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Re: Modern feathers on a non-avian dinosaur - today's Nature II

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Williams, Tim wrote:

> One thing strikes me as a little strange; the title refers to a "non-avian"
> theropod; shouldn't that be "non-avialan"?  Or is the title employing
> "non-avian" as a vernacular adjective removed from an explicitly
> phylogenetic context.  This whole avian vs avialan thing still has me
> bewildered.  :-(

My guess is they are using _Aves_ sensu Chiappe non Gauthier & de
Queiroz, that is, Clade(_Archaeopteryx_ + _Neornithes_), not Clade(_Vultur
gryphus_ + _Tinamus major_ + _Struthio camelus_).

And thus they'd probably use _Avialae_ sensu Padian -- Clade(_Neornithes_
<-- _Deinonychus_).

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