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Re: CNN report on the feathered dino

> The specimens of _Archaeopteryx_ do not show hindlimb feathers (contra
> early interpretations).

What else are the contour feathers on the shins of the Berlin specimen? ~:-|

> However, nor does _Archaeopteryx_ show contour
> feathers on the body or tertials on the humerus, so these feathers may
> detached prior to preservation.

Don't know about tertials, but many contour feathers on the body of the
Berlin specimen were _prepared away_ to reveal the bones. Read more in <duck
and cover> Feduccia 1996.

> By the way, why is this feathered dinosaur a "missing link" if it's been
> found?  :-)

That's why the term "connecting link" has been invented long ago (I think by
German nitpickers, but in English).

> Also, from the CNN story, "Norell said that some modern birds such as
> certain kinds of hawks have big feathers sticking out of the back of their
> limbs.."  Does anyone know why?

I think because they don't retract their legs when they fly; to minimise
drag, they have streamlined shins, in analogy to aeroplanes with fixed